Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ah, to be engaged again!

Or not!!
My sister may get engaged soon. It will probably happen. It's weird but if it's right for her, then it will be wonderful.

It's funny telling her all about my wedding, the things I loved (my dress and cake and veil), the things I didn't (argh, don't make me think about bridal photos! Thank heavens for Christina!) and all that.

I'm so glad I'm not engaged anymore! But enjoy us when we were! :)
And J & T when they were as well...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mother of the Day Award

My ten-month old daughter ate brownie batter and otter pops in one day.

I'm such a good mom. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Princess Potty Diaries, the update

Have we turned a corner???

Several people have suggested to go naked. I haven't taken their advice yet because of convenience, but we went for it last week!
She was only allowed panties AFTER going potty and no accidents.

We also decided to hit where it really hurts.
If she has an accident, she loses her temping princesses and her dress-up.
She can't play with princesses or BE a princess. Poor girl!

We still have an accident now and then we're not nap or night trained, but she's telling US when she needs to go and I'm backing off on nagging her to go. She doesn't pee that often. I keep thinking she needs to go more often and then remember that I myself only go about three times a day. TMI?

Anyway, we're doing well and I (who am the major consistency problem, I admit!) am doing well at following through. I think that's the biggest thing. When it's gotten tough or even gone well, I'll relax a bit and then disaster follows. So we're doing better!

Friday, June 19, 2009

double hmmmmm

You all seemed to enjoy my blast from the past a few days ago.
So... here's the question.
Does this person look like me????
or Ruby???? :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not fit to be seen in public

Less than twenty minutes ago, I was crying in the checkout line at Kroger.  
I asked M three times during our outing if she needed to go potty.  She swore she didn't.  I should have known better.  She went to look at the trains while I checked out and less than five minutes later she was wetting her pants. Not running to me asking me to go potty, not trying to hold it, but announcing that she already went.  grrrrrrr

I am sooooo not cut out for this! I HATE potty training. I just do.  I know I say that a lot. My stubborn girl is giving me a run for my money.  I feel so guilty but I do not like this phase of parenting.  

So now, I'm sitting in my too-warm apartment, exhausted, tired, while my daughter is naked, having been stripped of the right to clothing, and dreading going out in the 95+ degree heat in less than an hour.  

So if we're not out much in the next few days, it's because we really belong at home where no one can see either of our tantrums!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...do you think my daughter's related to me?

..and Princess LG bids you good Wednesday

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous Finds from Moving!

There have to be pluses in the wretched process that is called moving.  

1. the camera charger! we may actually have pictures on the blog again that aren't hijacked from my sister's computer!

2. I actually have eight place settings of china, not seven! Amazing what happens when you open that last box from Marshall Field's five and a half years after your wedding!

3. my temple bag! I can actually participate in a session at the Temple now that I have my special temple clothes back!

4. shoes, glorious shoes! I had several of my favorites in storage because they were the wrong season when I packed them and little did I know I wouldn't see them again for over a year!

5. cherries! I'm kind of a cherry nut.  My whole kitchen is cherries and it was like seeing old friends as I got out my cannisters, towels, napkin holder, placements, wall hangings and just about anything else you can picture with cherries plastered on it!

...but nothing can top sleeping in my own bed again! It is bliss!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Cool is This???

We can see the club house from our apartment back window.  
Therefore  we can hijack the free wifi from the safety of our own home and blog in my jammies at my kitchen table. Happiness and frugality all in one!!

We are moved in but far from moved in!  
I went and cleaned out our room with Mom yesterday and that is a load off my mind. Now my sister can move back into her/guest room and I'm not feeling guilty about my messy room in my Mom's beautiful house anymore!
I thought our stuff was going to fit in the apartment....
then I brought over the last load of the stuff from Mom and Dad's last night. 
It's going to be interesting!  And someday I will have pictures. Until then, the girls' room is adorable and you can just imagine how much they love having "new" toys and a room of their own!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I saw this when I got home from work today...

Another First! the darling little ringlets are gone!

We're all about milestones lately! 
Miss M screams and fusses when I do her hair.  
So, in an effort to keep the peace, we finally trimmed her hair.
her cute little keepsake ponytail :)
She seems pleased! and it's amazing what 2 inches will do! She looks older and it truly is easier to do her hair! Mucho fewer tangles!


Do you know what a pencil is?
You can eat it!
It's covered with salt!
It's warm and twisty!
It's a pretzel!  And my girls loooove going to Target to get a pencil and walk around with Teriney and her girls!
This is LG's favorite face right now.  She loves feeling her new tooth with her tongue!
Have I mentioned how much Ruby loves LG? She loves to get in her face and give her toys.  Mostly she loves to give her her firepass and then take it immediately away! :)