Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can you find our little one?

The photographers who took M's baby pictures have a fun website. M is on here twice. Can you find her?

And someday she'll hate me for this but I can't resist....

Once Upon a Time...

M has been amazing me with her beginnings of pretend play this week. During her photo shoot last Saturday, she picked up a teddy bear and hugged it and rocked it and kissed it....a little history here. She got a baby doll for Christmas from her aunt, GCT. I thought she'd love it!! She loves other kids and seeing babies and gets all excited, but she promptly cast it aside! I would pick it up and rock the baby and she'd get all jealous! She'd grab it away from me and promptly throw it across the room! Her relationships with dolls and stuffed animals did not start off well! So, I was excited to see her this week picking up her doll and rocking it and kissing her teddy bears.

She's also finally playing peekaboo! She picked up a dish towel the other day and put it on her head, took it off when I said, "where are you?" and laughed and repeated it a bunch of times. I love her belly laugh! It's the best! She'll pick up her hat and try to put it on her head, try to brush her hair if I leave her brush out, point to everything, try to put on her shoes, take my ID badge and try to put on her "necklace". I love it! And...she's finally giving kisses! Real ones, not "kisses" that are really bite attempts!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Let it Snow!!!

They cancelled church for this? We were shocked! We knew it was supposed to snow but we went ahead and had baby M's one year pictures down in Savage Saturday morning. We even went out to lunch before making a long trek home in the snow. The half-hour drive took an hour but we didn't have any problems-just slow. But...we had a foot of snow dumped over two days and it caused even Minnesota to partly shut down! I thought that didn't happen. I mean, this is Minnesota. My Mom told me she only remembers them cancelling church once when she was growing up! And that was before four-wheel drive!

So, we had a quiet day at home! W even went home teaching on Sunday afternoon because it had stopped snowing by then. W spent an hour shoveling the heavy snow which I'm sure his back will pay dearly for over the next few days. I wish baby M were older and we could help her build a year!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Baby M is famous too!

We got this idea from a friend's site. I just had to try it!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Mr. W....
Loves: his sweet wife and baby of course, games, trivia, sports, video games, clerking and other such nerdiness!
Doesn't like: onions, talking to his wife while she's "multi-tasking", buses

Mrs. E....
Loves: her sweet husband and baby of course, books, movies, scrapbooking, traveling, speech and other such nerdiness!
Doesn't like: lima beans, when her husband bothers her while she's "multi-tasking", dirty diapers

Baby M....
Loves: anything to do with mommy and daddy of course, eating ANYthing, shoes, marshmallow mateys
Doesn't like: when mommy leaves the room, bibs

Sucked in!!

I did it! I created a blog! I've been resisting this for a while for who knows what reason...didn't want to follow the crowd or some such nonsense. But I love the idea of having a place to journal, share pictures with friends and family, and do whatever I want!!! So visit, comment, chat and join in the fun!