Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Time

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! W's twin sisters came to visit for a long visit from Florida. We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend of movies, games, food, hiking (and falling :), and togetherness!

Turkey day started off with a startling discovery in Grandma's garden!

 Grandma found these darling aprons for the kids! So fun!

 My cute pie helpers!
The table is set! 

That weekend, we went to my friend Jennifer's house for some haircuts for the twins. 
My girls were mostly good sports-snuggle time to sit JUST LIKE Aunt Sarah always helps! 

 a trim for Sarah

a new color and 'do for Bec! 
We loved having them in town. We have missed them!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bella's Bachelorette Party!

My girlfriend, Jenn, was the mastermind.
We would throw a bachelorette party for Bella before the new Twilight movie! I co hosted since she travels so much for work. It was so much fun to put together and I think it went off smashingly well!
 We set the scene with a few decorations.
 Jenn goes all out for her parties!

 We even had crafts to make! We had feathers (from their honeymoon!) to make either earrings or a clip to put in our hair. 
I was thrilled with how on board the girls who came were! They jumped right in and wore them to the theater-luckily we were definitely not the most nutty girls there!

 This is my beautiful friend Jenn. I love this girl!
 We had come up with names from the book for each food.

 And we used black crackle nail polish over red for a Twilight manicure!
 My sweet pregnant sister in law with her friend-who came all the way from Arizona to join in!
 Holly, Hilary and Ceanne
 Our feast!
 My brother Jacob held places in line for us and then ended staying!
 Our group! 
 We were just silly (pitiful?) enough to take pictures with the posters. My favorite was Rebecca-she couldn't stop giggling! We took this girl way out of her comfort zone for this party and she was such a good sport!

 It was fun, late, crazy, and boy were we tired the next day but so worth it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Craft Night Coasters and Twilight Marathon!

my friend Rebecca was coerced {{lovingly}} to join us at the Breaking Dawn premiere this week! even she will admit that she had fun and will be joining us for the second half when it comes out.  however! she had never seen the first three movies! gasp! she had only read the books.

so...we gathered on a recent Saturday afternoon to watch ALL THREE MOVIES. yes, it took until one am.
we broke it up by making a fabulous, easy, CHEAP craft to entertain us and to prepare some Christmas gifts!

we found the idea on pinterest and the tutorial at Style Me Pretty.
 it was fun and easy. we had fun using great pictures, paper and even maps to personalize cute coasters!

 we sprayed them with acrylic sealer (wasn't so sure at first, but this stuff is great! the mod podge isn't sticky anymore!)
 and watched three movies, snacked and relaxed! it was a fabulous Saturday!
i love these girls!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dare to be Thankful!

One of the lovely blogs I follow hosts a DIY party every Thanksgiving.  I wanted to join in the fun this year! 

I spotted this pattern on Cottage Home last year and wanted to make them but didn't get around to it.
They were a hit with the girls!

 I got them done just in time for Miss M's school program!
 Dare to DIY

Last year, I made this banner and it hung at my Mom's house. This year, I am so excited to have my own (albeit, cluttered) mantle to hang my Give Thanks banner! 
So, go join the party and Dare to do it yourself at Newlywoodwards!

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast!

Yesterday was a CRAZY day! I mean, I had a Breaking Dawn party to co-hostess and a midnight showing to go to, people! (more on that later, promise!)
I was able to make it to the beginning of Miss M's Thanksgiving feast at school and I'm so glad I did!!
Her class were dressed as Native Americans. (she has been giving me politically correct lessons all week!)
She decorated her own vest and was so proud of it!

 This is one of her cute friends, Madisen!
 The best part was they sang a bunch of songs at the beginning. They were delightful! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scenes from Kindergarten

Miss M's teacher has posted a bunch of pictures. I think she's having fun! Enjoy!

Freedom Parade
Pumpkin Patch
 Hayride at the Pumpkin Patch!
 Boosterthon fun Run
 Queen of the Day