Thursday, November 3, 2011

Operation Girl's Room

I have tried to get control of the girls' room since we moved in.  But moving Lulu to a bigger bed meant losing space, a lot of space! And we just never could stay on top of toys and messes! 
 The avalanche of toys that is their closet was rarely this contained.  It usually ended in a lava spill of toys, costumes, clothes and crap all over their room!
 So..... last Saturday we got bunk beds!  It took forever to convince W that it was necessary and worth the money but we got a great deal on nice, solid wood bunk beds that were only used for a year! 

We gained back a whole bed's worth of space and even got the closet to close!!!
 We reorganized clothes and toys and now everything fits!
 Where Lulu's bed used to be, there is floor space and enough room for Miss M's clothes finally!
 Here are the girls' beautiful beds! They came with sheet sets and quilts that match my girls' personalities! They are striped and flowery and match but are different. Miss M's is pink and Lulu's is purple!

 Lulu was nervous going to bed last night but she always is with new changes.
 However, Miss M loves her view from on top and gets a big kick out of the fact that Lulu hasn't mastered the ladder yet and therefore can't get up there alone!
Success! Even W is convinced that their room is so much better! Hooray!


Emily said...

Wait just a second. You got a great deal on CUTE bunk beds that came WITH bedding that is adorable and matches your daughters' personalities? I need you to start doing my shopping for me.

I love the bunk beds - and I don't usually say that about bunk beds, but you found good ones! They look like real beds, they're a good size and they fit perfectly in the room. And also, Kate had bunk beds growing up and I loved sleeping in her room with her, it was like having a fort!

Musings from Minnesota said...

The room looks wonderful. The beds are great. Good job! Looks like M and L look like they love them.

Lindsay said...

I love those bunk beds. My girls desperately one some. :) Not gonna happen for a while though. And your cute little banner is adorable!

Grace said...

Awesome. I love how convenient it was that it was a deal, came with bedding that worked for both girls, and makes so much more space. Very fun and looks like fun sleepovers in the making! Hang sheets up under m's bed and have a fort!! heehee so fun.

Anonymous said...

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