Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Holman Halloween!

 Jessie the cowgirl came for an encore evening with friends! She wasn't feeling too good earlier in the afternoon but she pulled up her bootstraps and we headed out!
 Miss M left her cloak at the last Halloween party (we are party animals this year!) and so we improvised. She said she was a spider sister (her headband has a big spider on it)
 And she was my sister (my headband has a big spider on it)
So we went over to a neighborhood where several of Miss M's friends live. We figured we could trick or treat at their houses and see a few familiar faces.  Plus, their neighborhood is flat! :)
Lucky for us, Miss M's friends were just leaving so we joined them.
Lu was a trooper until the last block when I got my workout carrying her back to the car.  The girls had a blast, despite a few setbacks!
Happy Halloween!


Emily said...

Happy Halloween! They are adorable, love this post!

Musings from Minnesota said...

Where's Will? Did he dress up too!
Looks like you had lots of fun. Happy Halloween to all.