Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bella's Bachelorette Party!

My girlfriend, Jenn, was the mastermind.
We would throw a bachelorette party for Bella before the new Twilight movie! I co hosted since she travels so much for work. It was so much fun to put together and I think it went off smashingly well!
 We set the scene with a few decorations.
 Jenn goes all out for her parties!

 We even had crafts to make! We had feathers (from their honeymoon!) to make either earrings or a clip to put in our hair. 
I was thrilled with how on board the girls who came were! They jumped right in and wore them to the theater-luckily we were definitely not the most nutty girls there!

 This is my beautiful friend Jenn. I love this girl!
 We had come up with names from the book for each food.

 And we used black crackle nail polish over red for a Twilight manicure!
 My sweet pregnant sister in law with her friend-who came all the way from Arizona to join in!
 Holly, Hilary and Ceanne
 Our feast!
 My brother Jacob held places in line for us and then ended staying!
 Our group! 
 We were just silly (pitiful?) enough to take pictures with the posters. My favorite was Rebecca-she couldn't stop giggling! We took this girl way out of her comfort zone for this party and she was such a good sport!

 It was fun, late, crazy, and boy were we tired the next day but so worth it!


Grace said...

You guys are adorable. I wish I could have come. Looks like so much fun!!!

kristin said...

i love that Jake saved your spots, then stayed! looks like you girls had a blast!

The Montaño’s said...

Too funny! Looked like a ball! Happy Thanksgiving chica!

Lindsay said...

I love this! What a super fun party! And yes, your friend went ALL out! So many great details!

Amy said...

So much fun! I'm sad that I missed out...(not that I'm a huge movie goer) but it's always fun to have a party and be with great company! I'm totally laughing at Rebecca's picture. What a good sport!