Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Craft Night Coasters and Twilight Marathon!

my friend Rebecca was coerced {{lovingly}} to join us at the Breaking Dawn premiere this week! even she will admit that she had fun and will be joining us for the second half when it comes out.  however! she had never seen the first three movies! gasp! she had only read the books.

so...we gathered on a recent Saturday afternoon to watch ALL THREE MOVIES. yes, it took until one am.
we broke it up by making a fabulous, easy, CHEAP craft to entertain us and to prepare some Christmas gifts!

we found the idea on pinterest and the tutorial at Style Me Pretty.
 it was fun and easy. we had fun using great pictures, paper and even maps to personalize cute coasters!

 we sprayed them with acrylic sealer (wasn't so sure at first, but this stuff is great! the mod podge isn't sticky anymore!)
 and watched three movies, snacked and relaxed! it was a fabulous Saturday!
i love these girls!


Emily said...

So, I've been planning to make coasters for Christmas gifts, but the maps? Best idea ever - you guys are brilliant! Loooove it!

Grace said...

Very cute coasters. And I'm glad it was fun, even though it was a laaaaaaaate night. :)