Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls Night In!

Last Saturday, the Tobler women went out to dinner. Our men were all out of town, busy or working, so we decided to go out too! After a lovely dinner at Bravo!, we had waaaay too much fun at Charming Charlie's (coming out with headbands and purses for all!) and Anthropologie (coming out with fun ideas of things to make "cheaper")

We decided crafting was in order. I picked up a few more colors of poly satin and showed the girls how to satin flower clips and bows!
At one point, my Dad came out and asked us not to burn down the house. Have no fear, it's still standing.
Jen has a wonderful mix of old vintage buttons to adorn our flowers.
I tried a new kind of flower last nigh-the pink one in the middle of the pink ones :) by cutting out several flower shapes, folding them up and glueing them to a felt circle. I love how it turned out! I also made bobby pins with smaller satin flowers (in the champagne color, below the pink flower) that were inspired by Anthropologie hair duds and I love them too! Small, simple, and elegant!
We were very productive! :) Thanks girls!!


Lindsay said...

Gorgeous flowers! What a fun night in.

Becca said...

Ok, those are adorable! Make me some?!

Emily said...

Oh what fun! I love them - and I love girls' nights, too.