Monday, July 18, 2011

It's art!

I have big lovely walls in my new apartment that were crying for something bigger than my little 8x10 color glossies!

My friend suggested I find some fabric that matches "my colors" and make my own!

So I did!

I found some wonderful upholstery fabric with big bright flowers in my favorite blues and reds and bought a yard during a great sale!

Then I picked up canvas stretcher bars and saved fifteen bucks and made my own canvas!
pic courtesy google

This is the point in my DIY project that I learned the important fact that Lulu is TERRIFIED of staple guns! She came running up to us, crying, "stop! don't do it, Grandma!" like we were going to sacrifice the innocent! We had to send her away to finish our project! My Mom and I then stapled the fabric to my stretcher bars.
It definitely took both of us to hold the fabric taut and use the staple gun!
But I am in LOVE!! (this is my mother's wall-I'll share again once it's hung in my own house)
I love the colors-they match my throw pillows on my couches and really will brighten up the room!


The Beaumonts said...

love it!!!

Heather said...

I love your simple cheap DYI project!! I also love that you aren't scared of color! You're fabric reminds of those little babushka stacking dolls:)

Amy said...

It's Perfect!!!

kristin said...

it's beautiful! what size is it?

Emily said...

I'm super far behind on your blog, but I LOVE this! It looks so awesomely colorful and graphic! I can't wait to see it hung in your apartment