Friday, July 22, 2011

My Resurrected Chair!

I asked for a reading chair for my birthday when I was sixteen.
I was, excuse me, AM, such a nerd.
I got a white wicker chair with dusty blue cushions. I also got a matching headboard (cue Miss M's room)
It has traveled with me to Minnesota, Utah, and now here to Arkansas. It is in pretty good shape, but I felt like it looked like, well, a sixteen year old's chair.
So I took it to my Mom's garage. I scrubbed it down and sanded down a few spots where the paint had chipped off and branches (is that the right word?) had broken.
Then I primed it with grey spray paint. Lovely, isn't it? :)
I promise we're not done yet!
And then I painted it espresso brown!!
I am in love with it! It now fits in my living room! I recovered the dusty blue cushion with a dark blue crosshatch outdoor fabric and threw my trusty beautiful IKEA pillows on it to brighten it up! What do you think? (besides that I really really need a new camera-the iphone just doesn't always cut it!)
I also hung up my artwork (someone asked earlier and it's 38"x32") I love how it looks with the living room!
And here is one half of my living room! It actually looks like a room! Things match and go together! Who knew!
I love it! And now for curtains!!


Barb said...

Love, love, love it!! (might try smaller pillows on the chair, though)

Emily said...

LOVE! Wow, what a difference a coat of paint makes, huh? I had the same bedroom set - the headboard is slipcovered in our guest room (your husband actually just slept on that bed last night) and the chair is in my mom's living room. Love the canvas hung over the couch, love the new couch. Just love!

Lindsay said...

That looks really great! O love the color of the chair, the pillows, all of it! Can't wait to see your curtains!

Grandma Jan said...

Love the decorationg. It looks wonderful and it looked great before.

Amy said...

looks Fabulous! I love seeing things come together (and look the way we had invisioned).

emilysigler said...

I often don't see the potential in older furniture. I love how it turned out!

Emily said...

I just came back to look at the living room fabric you mentioned on pinterest and there it is, in the canvas I loved when you originally posted it, I just didn't put together that it was the same one!!! Love it - and love that I can see it "in person"!!!