Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Lately, I've been working on catching up...

...on sleep. We have had two bouts of a stomach virus hit each girl, plus nasty colds and fevers that just won't quit!

...on laundry.  I've missed work staying home with the girls, but the upside is my dishes and laundry are caught up!

...on sewing.  My sewing machine is back in the shop, so I've been cutting and piecing and assembling and serging as much as I can and then I take a stack to sew at Mom's.  
My Mom always said if she wasn't working on Christmas by September, she was in trouble. So I'm hoping my machine is back and working well soon so I can get busy!! 

I made a skirt and a doll skirt for one of my coworker's girls. We missed her party, but the girls and I wanted to get her a gift anyway. I had to totally guess on the doll's size so I may be revamping that one a bit!
 I also finished my September 12squared block.  I used some of my favorite fabrics on this one.  It's cobblestones and bricks, and she gave us the stripes to coordinate with.  I hope she likes it!

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Lindsay said...

Those skirts are adorable! I love the fabric that you chose! Hope you can catch up on that sleep soon--I don't know if I ever will. :) Sorry you guys have been sick.