Friday, September 30, 2011

Octobler is almost here!

Tomorrow is Octobler. Time for Octoblerfest!

I'm looking forward to fall weather, crunchy leaves, crisp mornings

I'm looking forward to visiting Minnesota friends and family in a few weeks!

I'm looking forward to time with my own grandma.

I'm looking forward to pumpkins, pumpkin squares, Halloween!

I'm looking forward to General Conference and hearing the prophet speak.
I'm looking forward to some closure with the house, a new niece just in time for Halloween, and watching my sister in law grow cute fat babies!


Grace said...

October is a great month, isn't it?!
Sounds great!!

Amy said...

Me to! Except for all the baby stuff...I think our families are out of that stage.

And to answer your question about Caite's skirt on my blog. No, I didn't make it. I found it at Target for $10, I can't make a petti skirt for that.

Musings from Minnesota said...

Minnesota is waiting. We are excited too.