Friday, September 9, 2011

the much-less-frustrated-potty-diaries

we have made several breakthroughs this week.
she has been actually requesting to go to the bathroom.
when she goes, it doesn't take FOREVER anymore.
accidents are greatly decreasing.
she wants to wear panties at nap and is staying dry.
she begged to wear panties overnight last night and she woke up DRY!
she has actually made #2 in the pot, more than once!
sorry if that's too much information, i'm just so stinkin proud of this girl!


Lindsay said...

Yay! This IS exciting news! I hear you--it's the little things that make you so happy!

Amy said...

I'm thrilled for you!

The Montaño’s said...

Oh the joys of potty training... Nice job!!!!

Grandma Jan said...

Wonderful news. Love her smile. She's growing up so fast. Give her a 'grandma loves you hug' from me.

Grace said...

With a grin like that, she's more than welcome to wear my dress. :)