Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My big four year old!

Four years ago, my lulu made her appearance, in the midst of a tumultuous year for our family.  She spent three months in heaven with my grandpa Jex who had just passed away, and she arrived just before W quit his job and our quick move here to Arkansas.  It was a crazy and emotional time.  I often feel like I was cheated out of the newborn phase with this girl (and I have the lack of pictures to prove it!) but she's spent the last four years making up for it!

I treasure this girl! She is sweet and spunky and mellow and funny and so perfect for our family!
She was such a trooper to spend her birthday morning at her aunt's house while I worked.
That evening we had my family and some friends over for swimming, hot dogs and a "rose cake".
She was showered with delightful presents that she has had so much fun playing with this week!

My Lulu loves:
playing "Kingdom"
following her big sister around (when she's being nice)
Larry and Bob's pizza
Wonder Pets
reading books
favorite color: pink and purple
favorite movie: Tangled
favorite toy: Country Critters
favorite food: hot dogs
favorite song: Ariel
favorite book: Butterfly, Butterfly
playing games and puzzles
chocolate milk

We love our Lucy Grace!  We are so thankful for her!!

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Musings from Minnesota said...

Adorable. Happy to hear she had fun for her birthday.