Thursday, August 2, 2012

scripture study with kids

We have been using the old school picture book of mormon and new and old testament books for our girls for a few years.  They're not cartoons, no flaps to open, but they're straight forward and easy to understand for our girls and have good pictures.  I grew up on them.

However, now that Miss M is reading, we felt like we should be starting to have her read directly out of the scriptures.  

So the other night, we are reading in the very beginning of the Book of Mormon and she's doing well, but Lulu is bored to death.  We each read a few verses and then Miss M reads a small verse.  It was working well. 

So, Miss M is reading about Lehi's vision of Jerusalem, and Lulu comments: I had a dream at grandma Mardie's house.  It was about one care bear.

And Miss M stops reading abruptly, leaps over her Dad and says excitedly:Was it wish bear????

And the moment was over! Luckily we laughed at the cute comments but we also revised our plan to include both reading for Miss M and the picture book version for Lulu!

At least we're doing it, right???

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