Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London 2012

I'm an Olympics sap. I've been a London sap since my amazing honeymoon in 2004.

Ultimately, I'm a double sap this time!

I cried over gymnastics.  I learned the results on facebook (stupid spoilers!) earlier in the day but it didn't stop me from watching with rapt attention and crying at the end.

I have two Olympics babies.  I nursed a newborn Megan through the winter Olympics in 2006.  We watched the closing ceremonies in Beijing from my labor room while we waited for Lulu to make her debut.  I love the Olympics!

Tonight, we got the girls hooked on diving before bedtime.  Miss M was sure that every diver was going to pull a Greg Louganis and crack their head open!

I like that a few other swimmers are getting the spotlight finally.
And yes, watching Michael Phelps talk makes my speech therapist eyes and ears shudder!
I am sad that Jordyn Weiber doesn't get to do the all-around.
I love the mom beach volleyball super-champs.
I feel so sad for the men's gymnastics and their team finals night.  It was so sad.
I have slowed way down on my reading.
We are glued to the TV.
I love it!

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Sumpygump said...

I agree with you and actually when the Olympics started I thought of you.