Friday, July 20, 2012

good morning, sunshine!

I am so thankful that each morning starts off fresh!
 That I can remember my girls being sweet to their cousins and introducing baby Eden to forever friends Ernie, Abby Cadabby and Elmo.
 That waking up with curly hair post-twisty buns is a great morning surprise!
 That swimming makes almost any day more fun!
 And that learning to swim is powerful and magical.
 That laying in the shade after swimming even feels good in Arkansas heat and humidity.
 And that acting out the Barbie Mermaid Tale 2 movie in the pool is fun!
That lunch dates with mommy are fun.
 And even running errands like getting the oil changed can be fun. 
 Believe it or not, somewhere there is a picture proving that I wore the headband. In public. To Christian Brothers Automotive.
And that hopefully we will still all love each other today.  
And forget about the misery that was yesterdays behavior and parenting! (see below post for all the fun!)

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Musings from Minnesota said...

Love all the photos. Beautiful girls.