Sunday, July 8, 2012


On my way to book club Thursday night, I got a text from my husband.
"Grades were posted. I just checked."

That's it?? No, I passed honey! No, I got ____!

So I immediately called him, called him a butt head for his vague texting, and demanded his grade.

He got a B! After all our worry that he might not even pass the class-it was a really rough five weeks and he was really worried for a bit-he not only passed but did it nicely!

W is done with his MBA! After three years, he is finished! (He will walk in December)

Congratulations to my sweet husband! I cannot tell you how hard he has worked.
A normal work day is 11 hours. Then he either goes straight to school or he comes home and after dinner spends the entire evening either working on auto claims for work or doing school work.   He has regularly "worked" for 15+ hours a day for three years.

We are both tired!

I have been preparing really hard to not be let down though-thinking everything will change and be fixed immediately with him being done.

And so I've been so pleasantly surprised this week.  He did dishes! He put kids to bed!  It was delightful!  Don't get me wrong, he's still on his GEICO computer all the time, but he's HERE!

A few things I'm looking forward to?

No more studying by the pool!
No more twice weekly night classes.
No more Sunday group meetings.
No more tuition!!! (we completely wiped out our savings putting him through school, now we can start saving again!)
I get my laptop back-he had a knack of needing it every time my paperwork was due at work!

The most frequently asked question?
What now?
He did his MBA while working full-time so he will continue at his current job.  It was the MBA that led him to GEICO and he has found it to be a fulfilling and good job for him.  We hope and pray that the MBA helps whenever he decides to move on or is up for promotion/raise/etc.

and we're gonna celebrate! not sure how yet, but we are!!


Emily Larkin said...

Now it's time for you to get started on your PHD Dr. Tobler.

Tati said...

What a great accomplishment for you and your husband. It is a great sacrifice on your part as well! Congrats to you all!

Musings from Minnesota said...
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Musings from Minnesota said...

Wonderful. You deserve to celebrate - all of you.
I am so proud of him. It made me cry to think of all the hard work and hard ship you have all been through.
We will celebrate when we visit. And Bill and I will be there when he walks.
Congratulations all!

I had to do this over -thanks.

Joye said...

That's AWESOME, Liz!!!! I'm so happy for you both!!!! (And for the girls to get to have more time with their daddy) Congrats!!! :)