Thursday, July 19, 2012

the second phase of summer

I just loaded the girls' toys into garbage bags while they sat in time out crying.
Lu has no clue how to clean up and unless I sit and hold her hand through every step of the process, she just wanders around the room aimlessly.
Miss M however has the fear of Mom in her, and just returned to her room to finish the job so the bags don't go out with the trash.
I have watched my fellow moms all fall victim to the mid-summer blues lately and today, I joined them.
I'm so sick of the bickering, the fighting, the whining!! The field trips no longer help, they just put our pitifulness and my lack of control on public display!

And after coaching them through cleaning their room for two hours, they get to do it alone while I listen to Mindy Gledhill and fold laundry.

To save their toys from the dumpster!


Spencer Family said...

I can so relate! Jordan starts kindergarten in two weeks and I always thought I would be sad when he did but actually I am counting down the days and so is he. He is bored, I'm getting nothing done, and our house is a DISASTER. I could use a couple shopping bags and a timeout--for myself. Here's hoping your girls figure it out. :)

Heather said...

Yes, every SAHM knows this scenario. At least you don't have a high strung special needs kid to add to your mix though:/ I find that Movie Monday is working for us these days. After lunch, I choose (notice I said, "I") a movie, we pop popcorn and just sit, with no fighting. It's blissful.

Musings from Minnesota said...

School does start soon there doesn't it.
Never fear, Grandma Jan is near. Not coming for a month but it's something to look forward to.

In the meantime, a package goes out tomorrow for all of you (except Will) and I have some fun games and free stuff on Pinterest for the girls under 'Grandchildren' that I have posted for them.

Wish I could help more. I'd rush down south to play if I wasn't so busy NOT finding a job. Hoping for the best so I can play when Becca gets here in only 12 more days.

Jenny said...

Oh I'm with you on this one!

The Montaño’s said...

Oh Liz, I am laughing because I can totally RELATE! I think every parent can. Sometimes it makes if better just knowing others know what you are going through :)