Friday, July 20, 2012

Nineteen Minutes

I have been trying to go to the other area book club here for over three years. Something has always come up, and the one time I made it, they had changed the location without letting me know. I haven't made a priority to go since.

But this month they were discussing a book I had read several years ago (bonus!), W was done with school and therefore no longer busy EVERY stinkin' Thursday evening (double bonus!!) and I had had a horrible day with the girls so I was desperate to get a night away!

The discussion was about "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult.  (which her name is pronounce pI-ko, surprisingly) I have read several of her books.  I enjoy them and usually end up quite mad at them as well.  One or two have been over the top, but in general, as long as I don't read too many in a row, they are good, if formulaic reads.

Nineteen Minutes was a tough read, dealing with a Columbine-like high school shooting (and she always throws a twist in at the end!) The discussion was excellent, with differing viewpoints on realism, bullying, parenting, and high school experiences.  It was a great evening despite the discussion topic. I tend to think the that the cute new girl who doesn't remember bullying at her school obviously didn't go to the same "high school" I went to.  It's my opinion that she obviously wasn't aware but it was definitely there.  I was bullied over several occasions and I don't think many are aware unless they are the target or the instigator.  I still remember watching coverage of Columbine in the dorm lobby at Utah State.  Feeling how real and scary it was, but also feeling so disconnected and naive and protected in my dorm away from home.

And then I woke up this morning, and things got a little too real.  The Colorado shooting at a movie theater was the worst form of irony and the harshest wake up call to how fragile life is.  My heart and prayers are with all those affected and with my family who is mourning over their community.

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