Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bentonville with Grandma Betty!

My Grandma came to town last week! She's STILL a missionary at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City.  We only get to see her about once a year, so we try to make the most of it! 

We headed up to Bentonville in NorthWest Arkansas on Saturday to visit the brand new Crystal Bridges Museum!
It is so beautiful! The museum itself is beautiful!
The girls were troopers for the six hours we drove that day there and back. 
In front is a beautiful silver tree sculpture.  It reminds me of my brother's sculptures!
We got to see an unsigned copy of the actual Declaration of Independence!! It was awesome.  My kiddies were not impressed though.  They kind of demanded the speed tour through the museum and so I missed a lot.  But the museum is definitely worth a second trip-and I'll leave the kids with my cousin next time! :) Right, Emmy?
The museum surrounds a lake, and I've heard that there are beautiful trails all around that we will have explore on a non-triple digit day!

Once the girls got bored, we went with my cousin Emily and her boy to the kids' art room.  It was awesome.  Tons of art supplies, free reign, and a great teacher who gave great ideas and loved whatever the kids made! 

This is where my girls let loose, get the three hours of driving out, and just dance!

I love that they remember my grandma and love to be with her, even when they don't see her that often.  It's a blessing.  She is their last great-grandparent and I hope they recognize how wonderful she is!

We then headed to the Bentonville town square.  We made a few wishes in the fountain.

We explored the original Walton's five-n-dime, where I got some yummy taffy and the girls had moon pies.  They thought it was funny that there was an actual treat that is the same as their aunt's name! ;)

After a yummy dinner with my cousin's family, we headed home and they conked out for the ride home!


Grace said...

I LOVE that picture with Gma and the girls. So tender. Made me tear up. :)

Musings from Minnesota said...

Fun busy weekend. Love the photos.
Looks like lots of fun.

Emily Larkin said...

Man you are good at takeing pictures. Yes, please come again. Those girls will have a blast playing with my barbie collection while you amble through the museum. So assuming that this heat wave isn't because the earth is hurling into the son, we'll plan on fall.