Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Reading

Soooo, I haven't been blogging much. But I have been reading.

I started the summer with this YA book. It was a lovely read.  Every chapter highlighted a bird drawing by Audobon and I loved how it tied into this story of a tween age boy figuring himself out.  
My MOTHER recommended this one.  
It was totally not what I expected! I was expecting something, I don't know, fantastical like City of Bones, but it read like McCullough's "1776", straight up history but then wait, Abe Lincoln is wielding an axe and chopping off vampire heads! It was fascinating and a lot of fun!
On my way to Minnesota for Memorial Day, I got totally sucked into The Night Circus.  What a delightful read, full of amazing imagery and characters.  It reminded me of the movie, The Prestige. A fantastic circus that is the setting of two magicians who are in a competition to create the best illusion! It was so beautiful!
 So, I didn't love Austenland. It was so hard for me to buy a girl diving into Austen world and then breaking all the rules and thinking her romance was real? Nah! But this one included a murder mystery and real characters! I really enjoyed it! 
 This one came to me via a goodreads friend and I was sucked in by the Jane Eyre parallels.  It is retold in Scotland in the 1960's. I loved the difference, the update and I loved the ending! Ah! All is well in the world when Jane, or in this case Gemma, gets her man! 
 What should I read next???? 


Musings from Minnesota said...

Thanks for the book updates. Love your suggestions and I'm never disappointed when I read one that you said was great.

The Montaño’s said...

I haven't read them yet but they are on my to read list, the series called Uglies, Pretty's, Specials and Extras. Hear they are good. I read Divergent and Insurgent and they were fun YA reads! I love your book reccommends! Can't wait to try some of these, but I still can't get over Abe Lincoln... really?? It was good??

Liz said...

Christa, it was so unexpected that I enjoyed it!
I have divergent from the library right now and i can't wait to start it! I have read the uglies series-really enjoyed it but was sick of it by the time i got to extras! :)

i also haven't read our next book club pick-it's been hailed as a wwI murder mystery with a downton abbey feel so I'm excited!!