Saturday, July 7, 2012

our missionary

Sam has been in the MTC (Missionary Training Center-where he will be learning how to be a missionary) for over a week now.
We got an email from him on Tuesday and he's doing great! 
He will be there for two more weeks and then he will fly to Reno for the next two years!
My girls are so proud of our missionary! They pray for him every night and are so excited when we hear news!
Here he is in Provo at my uncle's house, about ready to leave.
When we went to the MTC to drop off my brother fifteen years ago, you went inside, watched a video about missionary life and said goodbye. You basically cried through the video, said goodbye, and you went out one door and they went out another.  It was very emotional.

After the bird flu scares several years ago, they changed the drop off. You say your goodbyes elsewhere and then you drop off your missionary at the door.  Mom said it was great-it was efficient and they didn't feel rushed, and it was still emotional, they had just said their goodbyes before going there.  Each new missionary had an escort missionary to help him with his luggage and guide him through the beginning (see the guy in the background?) My Grandma, who is a missionary herself at the Family History Center got to go with Mom.
My sister's mother-in-law has a friend who serves at the MTC (follow that? :) and she said she pinned Sam's name tag as a missionary on him and that he looked great!  Our family friends here have a son who teaches classes at the MTC who tracked Sam down on Saturday while he was working.  He said he was overwhelmed at first but doing better.  Last night we had our Little Rock missionaries over for dinner and they both said the same.  So overwhelming at first but if you can get through the first Sunday, you'll be fine!  It's such a blessing to have so many watching over our Sam!

We are so proud of him! We can't wait to see what he'll do next!

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