Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a date with my lu

Miss M had a birthday party, W was off studying, so I took lulu to dinner.  We strolled the shops while we waited for a table. 
 Lulu has had a rough transition to school being out.  She doesn't get her one on one time with sister out of school.  You could tell she loved being with just Mom.
 So I treated her to an oreo big orange shake.  
 And oh my goodness, their hamburgers and truffle fries.  yum!!!!
 I love my little girl so much.  She's been a toot lately but it's pretty much our fault for giving in to that scrunched up grin so much.  
 I love when my mellow girl is a bit nuts like her mama. 

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Linz said...

One-on-one time is the best! What restaurant did you go to?