Monday, June 18, 2012

baby shower mania

 It's baby season! My baby sis is expecting a boy at the end of August (totally weird!),
my sister in law delivered twins in March and we finally found time to celebrate Miss Eden, and my dear friend Rebecca is expecting her first boy in July.  
I had my hand in three showers in three weeks! I'm tired and broke now! :) But it was a joy to celebrate all these babies!
Grace wants an alphabet wall for her nursery (like above, c/o pinterest)
I requested the letters M and L so baby Clarke can have some special gifts from my girls.
 Miss M picked out the letter, the colors, the design and helped put the whole thing together.
 We painted her letter, covered a canvas with scrapbook paper and attached the letter.
 She loved how it turned out!
Lulu voted for a design after I suggested a few options.  Funny enough, she voted for buttons but when it was done she said she didn't like it. :(

So Miss M posed with it instead. :)
 And I threw in a monkey shirt for good measure. Every baby boy needs a good monkey shirt, right?
 I made yummy cupcakes but Miss M proclaimed them "ugly but still tasty." I make tasty frosting but I determined to follow more recipes for frosting for better consistency.
I have to grab some pictures of Maria Mae's shower from Grace, but it was a wonderful evening of feasting on yummy treats, sharing presents and chatting with good friends. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Little Rock.

For Rebecca's shower, we were having an open house so we had NO idea how many were going to come, so we will be eating pasta all week! :)

But these lovely beauties are long gone.  I tried my hand at's lemon frosting recipe and well, I could eat that stuff by the bowl full, it was that tasty.  I will be making their frosting again!!!
 I made a bunting to decorate the mantle in baby Wilk's colors.  It went home with Rebecca, hopefully to find a home in the nursery!
I still have stuff to make and send off to Idaho and Colorado and Minnesota, the babies continue to arrive! Onward! :)


Emily said...

Babypalooza! What a cute bunting you made - I made one for T's birthday last year and am going to have to dig it out of the basement because this post made me think it would look cute in his room!

Love the M & the L, what a cute idea to have everyone make a letter!

Amy said...

That's a whole lot of baby-ing you got going on! Everything looks fabulous.