Monday, June 11, 2012

Operation Summer

After last night's whiny post (I should not be allowed to post in the middle of the night!), you probably are going to think I'm a bit bipolar right now after this one.  :)

The day after school got out, Miss M and I sat down and made a summer bucket list.

I was proud of some of her suggestions.
-read 100 books
-read a chapter book aloud as a family
-free movies
-free bowling
-LOTS of swimming
-field trips to the mid-America or Discovery Museum
-play dates with school and church friends

and more!

We've already made a great dent in our book goal, swimming and exercising goals.  I have got to get down a good routine for myself walking now that school is out, but we will get there!

I have added a few things to keep us on track.  
Today we started new chore charts.  We have stickers and everything to help the girls remember to help with things that they can do!

They are in charge of making their beds, putting away their clothes and toys but they also need to have reading time and pick a chore to help Mom (like wiping down the bathroom or sweeping).  Lu is a bit resistant-I have babied this girl a bit, I'm afraid!  But today they are excited about their stickers.  Hopefully that will last! :)

Second, I have added Disney Bucks!
I found cute images online and made our own Disney Bucks.  Disney Bucks can be earned by a good chore day, a great attitude, doing something above and beyond and bigger bucks can be earned for an entire good week!  However, you can also lose Disney Bucks for a bad attitude, sassing, breaking rules, etc.  

This afternoon, we are making Disney banks for our bucks.  At the end of the fall, before our trip, the girls will cash in their bucks for a real allowance that will be their souvenir money for the trip.  

I'm excited.  I was surprised last summer at how bored Miss M was with school out and I was determined to not let that happen this summer.  Here's to a great one!

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