Monday, June 11, 2012

midnight blogging

I'm up at 4am paying for yummy Indian food at Sunday dinner.
Sam chose Indian for his final Sunday dinner...for the next two years.
It was yummy but it's always a lot of work and I didn't feel very good.
I've decided that drug-induced cycles are just as bad as drug-induced contractions.
It just doesn't feel natural.
We are almost to the end of week two of the madness that is the capstone class.
It's worse than we had planned and anticipated.
I'm not succeeding at being supportive. I am succeeding at nagging and complaining.
My goal for this week is to eat right, exercise, scream less and not ask how many pages he has written.
I think it will benefit everyone.

I was thinking at 2am how interesting it is to me that I almost feel more stressed this month than I did about the house nightmare.
I find that odd and quite sad.
I feel like it's the GEICO summer where my husband lived in another state. He just sleeps next to me this time.
He has a new work supervisor, and he hasn't been as supportive like his last one.
So instead of getting time off to study, he is waking up in an hour to work another 15 hour work day.
It makes me want to scream and call up HR, but then I remind myself of the last time I intervened at work.
Like I said, I'm not succeeding at this right now.
Every conversation is a status update.
I long for pillow talk and the fourth of July.
We usually avoid fireworks, but we are celebrating this Independence Day!
Because we will be FREE from grad school, and it's gotta feel better than this!!

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Amy said...

I know it's rough! I know it feels like forever. But if you think about it, the next few weeks are so short compared to the past few years. The light at the end of the tunnel is really close and getting brighter everyday. Hang in there my friend! You both can do it! Celebrate big and live it up!