Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Holmans visit!

W's mom and sisters came to visit us in August!  Aunt Becca is only in the country for a month, so she was generous to spend some of that time with us and we are so grateful!  Wish her luck on her next adventure to Indonesia!!

We made a trip to the Waffle House while they were here.  That was a first for us.  I've always heard "the waffles are good but stick to the waffles" and I'm not typically a waffle girl so I've never bothered. But we will go back because the waffles were yummy and cheap!

Miss M LOVED having her aunts in town!

I had a chocolate peanut butter waffle that was so tasty!! their hash browns were good too!
The diner hasn't had a touch of remodeling since it opened it seems!  It was was like stepping into another era!
The group minus our photographer, Bec!

We also spent some time at my parents' pool. It was great weather most of the weekend.  Miss M loved jumping in with Aunt Sarah and they even got me to jump in.
We saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" which was delightful and sweet and sad (but I missed the last five minutes because Lu was DONE so I'll have to redbox it when it comes out to see the last bit). Then we window shopped and introduced Aunt Sarah and Becca to Charming Charlie's.
Saturday night we visited Larry and Bob's Pizza for Lulu's first birthday bash (she got two this year!) The pizza was a hit, our visitors brought Lulu delightful presents which were a hit, and we had a happy birthday girl!

Of course, Grandma Jan also brought plenty of goodies for the girls to color and craft with and some new books to read! 
Sarah went on a fifteen mile run in the rain and saw the city with my sister in law T for her marathon training.
We ate yummy food and met Miss M's teacher.  It was a busy weekend and a full house!
It was a quick trip and they were on the road Sunday morning so Grandma could start a new job!! We are thankful they made the long trip to be with us!

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