Wednesday, September 5, 2012


GEICO finally let my husband go on vacation! yay! holy moly, did we need it!

things we've learned so far this week:

moose have velvety antlers and they wrestle with other moose to get the velvet off before mating season. we watched.  and got real close!

W needs a kayak! and a lake to use it in!

lulu loves paddle boating.

miss M not so much.

my carsick girl (not yet this trip-cross fingers!) is also a bit sensitive to altitude.

so am i. or at least my sinuses are.

what the flat iron mountains are.

that i need to get to the IKEA in Dallas more often.  too long, my old friend!

that my cousin, who has girls the same ages as mine, and I really need to talk more because we are often dealing with the same stuff.  it helps to know you're not the only one.

there are select times when W actually DOES like to shop!

we need to take our American girl dolls with us when we go to big cities.  The girls were in heaven with all the eye candy!

fantasy football is all about gambling....same with march madness brackets. apparently i'm very naive about this one!

authentic arabic food can taste fabulous and not be so spicy that it hurts my tummy for days!

Miss M needed a vacation too.

my children's bike riding skills are not just remedial, they are embarassing.

i blame the Arkansas summer weather.  and living in an apartment.  and my mother's very hilly neighborhood.  and us.

we are very blessed with family-both mine and my husband's.


Emily Larkin said...

Glad you got a vacation. Don't worry too much about the bike skills. Jeff didn't learn to ride a bike until he was 18. He turned out okay and actually bikes for fun now.

Admiral Joe said...

I can't believe you got close to moose. They're scarier than sharks.


Musings from Minnesota said...

Sounds like you had fun in Colorado. Good for you.