Saturday, September 15, 2012

grand lake

We spent Labor Day weekend at Grand Lake, CO with W's cousins at his cousin's aunt's cabin. Got that?
It is on the edge of small private Lake Columbine.
the views were stunning, the cabin was lovely, the bed was fabulous, and the company was delightful!
Lu and Miss M enjoyed the lake, the scenery and after a short bit of adjusting to the altitude, we all enjoyed the break from reality!

Sorry Em, but we had to get Tom in there! (nice hair, by the way! :)
Aunt Barbie said the trees have really suffered from pine beetles destroying them which is why the fires were so bad this year.  It was sad to see so many dead trees.
W took us to the Grand Lake Lodge which holds many childhood memories of his family and especially his Grandpa Bob.

He told us that Grand Lake Lodge was famous for big visitors such as Ford.
The views from the lodge of Grand Lake were stunning!

We also perused the town and enjoyed the scenery there! It was a delightful little mountain town, right on the edge of the lake!

Back at the cabin, Miss M had so much fun at the lake, splashing around.
Aunt Barbie got a new kayak and just about everyone got to try it out!
W needs a kayak. He loved it!

I paddle boated instead of kayaking. That was more lulu's speed too!

W was not the only one who saw a moose!  They came out most evenings! I was driving around the lake one evening and there it was, right in front of the car! I just sat there for a few minutes until it made its way up the hill because I was nervous it would charge the car!
It was beautiful and bit terrifying!
The girls took to their cousin Tom and to Aunt Barbie so well! They loved her cabin and company. Aunt Barbie seemed to enjoy them as well!
a few instagram pics:
my beautiful girl at the lake!
and my boy who needed to get away so badly!


Jenny said...

That's a beautiful place!

Heather said...

That is pretty:) Did you take your girls out of school to go or did you have an extra long weekend or something?? I'm still trying to figure out the correct way about telling my kids teachers/school we are leaving for a week on vaca. Do you know how you do that??

Liz said...

@Heather, our district just changed rules that makes an absence an absence no matter the reason and there's just a cap on how many you can have. we're cutting it close with this trip and d-world in december but we couldn't go to Denver any earlier. it was easier because i was able to honestly tell them it was first time work had let my husband go on vacation!

Grace said...

Looks amazing! Love the pictures and the moose looks like it would terrify me!! :)