Thursday, September 27, 2012

house arrest

So, a week ago last Tuesday Miss M was sitting next to a boy in class when he threw up all over.  I figured she was a ticking time bomb and sure enough, she was sent home on Thursday after throwing up on the playground.

Enter mommy guilt. I had lectured her that morning on not staying home for a little tummy ache. We can't afford too many absences with disney world coming up.  Yes, it's true. I'm that mom.

Miss M was sick for a whole morning and was fine the rest of the day and back at school for Friday. When we made it the whole weekend without it spreading, I figured the rest of us had dodged a bullet.  Then Tuesday afternoon, Lu came down with the virus.  I didn't call off my week though because it was such a quick virus for her sister.  And now, two and a half days later, here we are.

Lulu is a trooper and in between bouts of sickness, she is playing and spending way too much time on netflix with the Backyardigans, but that's okay. My house should really be cleaner than it is for how much we've been home but I've enjoyed the downtime too.  Some of our days, especially when we're going from 6am to 7pm straight, are long and hard on all of us.

But I'm cooking more! I checked out the new Pioneer Woman cookbook and tried her Fancy Mac 'n Cheese.  Very tasty, but seriously, she makes you use so many dishes that it could be its own load by the end!


Musings from Minnesota said...

So sorry to hear that the girls have been sick. I hope this is the end of it and everyone can stay well for a very long time.

Emily said...

She's a cutie, even if she's sick. Glad you had some downtime, even if sick kiddos were the cause.