Friday, June 24, 2011

Hawaii-the beginning

I looked at this picture every time I got homesick for my girls. I love this one with my lulu, taken just before we left!
We arrived late Sunday night and got up EARLY Monday morning to drive up to the top of the crater, Mt. Haleakala. It was very windy and very cold and very worth it! I am not sure I've gotten up to see the sunrise anywhere before so I'm glad we did this!
It's W and me. I promise! (did I mention I couldn't find my camera charger, hence all pics are either iphone quality or stolen from my sibs)
It was gorgeous
we stopped on the way down at a cafe for a very yummy breakfast!
We heard it was a good place to kiss!
This was the view from our lanai (porch). It was so lovely each and every day we were there!

my sister has posted some great pics and recaps. go to her blog for more as I slowly catch up!

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Heather said...

All I have to say is, JEALOUS! That view from your lanai is breathtaking!! That sea air must have smelled amazing each day, I'm dreaming about it now, ahhhh. Can't wait for you to post more pics!