Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello June! Stay a while!

I'm probably the only one who noticed I didn't post goals for May.
I accomplished them. I moved. I cleaned the old yucky apartment and I moved into the new one.
I survived. Done. May is over, and I'm ready to move on!

Here are my lofty goals for the month:

**Swim a lot
**Go to Hawaii for six days and have real conversations with my sweet husband, remember him?
**Have quality family time with visiting relatives from Minnesota! We are so excited to see them!
**Find places for all my stuff, and if I can't find a place, get rid of it!!!
**Try not to spend a fortune on air conditioning... or curtains!
**Read my scriptures every day and pray every morning and night
**Read a new book
**Make end of year presents for teachers

A few have asked about the Minnesota house. Your continued prayers and concern are so appreciated! We are currently STILL waiting for the bank (this is normal) to approve the short sale. The offer on the house expires at the end of July so we are hoping and praying that it gets approved soon!!

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Emily said...

These are awesome goals! Enjoy your trip, I'm jealous!!!