Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Reading Reviews: June

My mother in law asked "where June went" on facebook this morning.
I've decided I read it away! A week on the beach and quiet social life make for a heavy reading month for me!

I have a tendency to request a bunch of books and they all come in at the same time, so I also had a bit of a jam to get them read fast!

First up was Sarah Addison Allen's newest Southern gem!
I love this author. I have decided I will probably read all of her books. I love the quaint southern towns. I love the characters!!! I love how her books have characters that you love and relate to! I love the twist of magic and the little mystery in each tale! The Sugar Queen and Garden Spells are her best but this one was a lovely book as well!!

I got The Forgotten Garden from my mother in law over a year ago, started it a bunch of times but always got distracted by something and then would forget who all the times and characters were! I took it to Maui which was perfect! A week to dive in, get lost in the story and then get sucked in!!
The Forgotten Garden was fascinating, complicated, and I ALMOST guessed the twist but didn't quite get it right but it definitely kept me going, wanting to know what happened! It travels between different time periods from the present character, to her grandmother thirty years ago, to her great grandmother 70 years ago, to even further back a hundred years, weaving these characters' tales together, their histories, and how they all became the people they are until it all resolves. It was definitely A good read!

I traded books with Mom the last day in Hawaii, and brought home the newest Sookie Stackhouse novel.
It is our guilty pleasure. They are fun, you have to cover your eyes and skip a few parts, but they are fun. So sue me! You learn a lot more about the different kinds of "supes" in this one, so it was good to read. But if she doesn't end up with Sam (her boss who is a LIVING shapeshifter) I'm going to be disappointed!

When I got home from Hawaii, my mother in law had picked up my library holds and even read one of the books while I was gone! I knew it had to be page turner!
The Glass Castle is our book club read for July, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself for a few more days! :)

My mil also read another hold she picked up for me while she was here! (I love talking books with her-she always has good suggestions!)
I will probably always read Mary Higgins Clark. She is formulaic, she is predictable (I figured out the twist and the end!) but she is also clean, clever, and I still always get sucked in to each story!

I have moved on to Entwined by Heather Dixon and City of Bones is overdue so I may not get to that one for a while!

What are you reading????


ali said...

I love Mary Higgins Clark and have since high school- I never realized you read her books- all that time at lunch we could have been talking about them!!!!!

Grandma Jan said...

We are reading Half Broke Horse by Jeanette Wall for July book club. It's the story of her grandmother, who was a real pioneer, growing up on a farm. I just got it from the library but I'm hoping it's as good as The Glass Castle.

The Montaño’s said...

Wow, we pretty much read the same stuff!! I capture the castle is one of my all time fave books and if you need more guilty pleasures, anything by Emily Giffen!! :)

Grandma Jan said...

We did read June away, didn't we?