Thursday, October 20, 2011

a MN trip in pictures

we had a delightful trip to Minnesota.
we accomplished MOST of our list! :)
we drove through a long night to get there. the girls were troopers!
we rested Friday.
I had a lovely lunch (no pics, shoot!) with my dear work friends.
we spent the next afternoon at the zoo.
we visited with wonderful friends at church on Sunday.
we went to story time and showed Miss M where her middle name came from.
we tortured our children like our parents before us by dragging them around to our old haunts.
this was my uptown apartment building.  W and I went on our first date across the street.
our infamous first kiss was inside this building.
the girls crafted and played and read and snuggled with grandma all weekend long!
we drove a long day home, complete with carsickness, a potty accident, and restless legs...but hey, we didn't hit a deer this time!


Grace said...

I was going to say how nice of a trip this must have been...
and then I saw Lu's face in the last picture.

Grandma Jan said...

Good to hear you made good time going home. Come again any time.