Thursday, October 13, 2011

what is a "late-over" you ask?

Miss M has been desperate for a sleepover.
I'm not sure we'll ever be ready for one!
My Mother always said, nothing good ever happens after midnight. 
So I convinced her that a late-over was just as good! And I think I was right! 
All the fun, silliness, late night goodness, but they all went home at 9:30 to sleep in their own beds!

Miss M and the fabulous four! These four are best buds and sweet as can be...most of the time! :)
 We also added two siblings to the fun!
 We ate pizza!
 We dressed up and had a fabulous fashion show!
 We painted nails and watched movies with popcorn and colored pictures!
 They had a great time and were a delight to have over...but boy, were they loud! :)


Grace said...

Very cute!! I love it! Looks like lots of fun!!!

Spencer Family said...

That is a great idea! J has been begging for a sleepover with his best friend and I am so not ready for that! Like you, I don't know if I'll ever be ready. Love the idea of doing all the fun stuff of a sleepover but then heading home and sleeping in your own bed. Thanks for posting this!