Monday, December 19, 2011

Blog Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas!

Lu actually sat on Santa's lap (when properly motivated that she needed to make sure Santa knew that she wanted the Blair barbie from Princess Charm School for Christmas!) 
Lu loves chocolate milk. She would drink her weight in it if I let her.
Lu has a smile that crinkles her eyes and lights up the room.
She loves bananas, noodles, crazy bread, chocolate in any form, and cheese!
She recently figured out how to put on shirts and is so excited that she can dress herself completely now!
Lu loves hugs and climbs into bed every morning to snuggle for just a moment before her day begins.
Lu is tender-hearted, she wants to give everyone a hug'n'kiss and gets upset if she doesn't properly get to say goodbye to her "best friend Grandma Mardie". 
Lu loves anything her big sister is doing! 

 Miss M is blazing her way through kindergarten! It is truly magical to watch your child learn to read!
She loves school, and has had good behavior for three straight weeks! This is a big accomplishment that we've been working toward because she has turned out to be quite the talker and gets in trouble for talking with her bff's in school!
Miss M continues to dramatically sing and dance her way through her days!
She loves pizza, popsicles, oranges, grapes, turkey sandwiches, and water!
She loves playing with her friends, and loves giving everyone extra tight squeezes!

My sweet hubby, W has two semesters left in grad school to get his MBA!!!!
There is light at the end of the tunnel!! He continues to work hard and work all the time! 
I continue to work part time. The therapy clinic has gone through a lot of changes this year, and some have been great for our family.  I now take the girls with me three afternoons a week.  It means my cooking has suffered greatly, but I get eight more hours in, without losing any time with my girls. They hang out and play and help while I work.  It's the perfect situation for where we are in life right now.
I just got called to be in the primary presidency in our ward, and I'm excited for the challenge.  

We are very blessed. It's been a busy year, and not without its challenges. Two days after Christmas, W and I will celebrate eight years of marriage. I can't wait to see how our family grows in the next years!

Christmas cards (or more accurately, the stamps to mail them to the many states we've lived in during our married existence plus tons of family) were not in the budget this year.  
I hate skipping cards, because it will greatly decrease the number of cards we get next year (most of my cousins already seem to think that sending it to my mother's house is close enough :) but our card budget went toward giving Christmas to some of my clients' families at work.

We love you all! Merry Christmas!
Much love from,
me, W, Miss M and Lu


Barb said...

I won't take you off the Christmas card list! Love you all! Merry Christmas !

Barb said...

I won't take you off the Christmas card list! Love you all! Merry Christmas !

Linz said...

Love the update! Merry Christmas Holmans!

Heather said...

Fun update! I love it, it says way more than my annual Christmas card;) Hope your girls are getting excited for the weekend ahead!!