Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Eight Years to Us!

Eight Years ago today I married my sweetheart.
He is my mellow, goofy, smart, hard-working, handsome other half.
Our first year, we went to London for a ten day honeymoon.
And I graduated from grad school.
Our second year, we went to Hawaii.
Our third year, we became three when Miss M joined the party!

 Our fourth year, my husband made me a true Aggie! 
 Our fifth year, we moved to Utah.
 And Lulu made us a family of four.
 Our sixth year, we moved to Arkansas.

 Our seventh year, we are continuing to work, go to school, grow two beautiful girls, survive house misfortunes, and as my husband says every day, "make our marriage grow".
I love you, W, here's to an eternity more!


Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding day was a beautiful and love-filled day, the perfect kick-off to a beautiful and love-filled life!

Jenny said...

So cute! Happy day to you.

Musings from Minnesota said...

Happy Anniversary. Love from us. I remember the day well. A beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. Here's to many, many more wonderful years of happiness and adventures.