Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I just love...

how Lulu says "a" and "the" so properly! She's so articulate and always pronounces each with the long vowel.  "Mom, I would like A banana, please!" She's so dainty!

how Lulu's tummy talks to her.  She will say things like, "My tummy says I want to color."

Miss M got in the car after school yesterday and announced, "I don't know how I'm learning this reading thing. It's amazing!"

that Miss M is old enough to brush her own teeth now. It's the little things.

girl scout cookies.

the quilt squares my group is doing so far this year. Check 'em out!

Miss M's missing tooth smile.

my mum earrings. I finally put them together and I'm wearing a new color everyday! I ordered them off etsy for a crafting night and they didn't make it in time so I just now put them together and I'm in love!

seventy degree blustery days! I hope there are more in store because I'm loving them lately!

that W puts up with all the movies I keep bringing home from the library. He has gotten into "Merlin" but he basically shakes his head at "Step Up".

Fanta Zero.

Jazzy Apples. It's a new hybrid I bought on a whim because they were cheap and small (perfect lunchbox size) and they turned out tasty, crisp and yummy so far!

the daffodils blooming.


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Mrs. 5C said...

Thanks for your happy comment on my blog!! :)
What cute little mums! I bet they'd be fun to wear!