Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am curious as to whether the whole Pinterest "change your terms or I'm leaving" is legit or not.

I am skeptical of reposting videos of Kony 2012 on Pinterest and FB. I am not sure what reposting a video is going to do to incite change.  Maybe it's more useful than posting my bra color to support breast cancer though.

I am tired of the election already and it's early in the year.

I am not sure what I'm going to do about said election.

I am needing to make a lot of personal changes and really really struggling to do so.

I am craving some good spring skirt sewing! Easter dresses, here we come!

I am weary of our current schedule.  It's the best for us right now but I really do want to cook more consistently and my long work days make that so tough.  I know, I know, crockpots! But the truth is, my girls don't eat well when it comes to crockpot cooking! And by the time we're home from work, it's time to snarf down some food and rush to bed!

I am nervous about adjusting to daylight savings with Lulu's current resistance to bedtime already at an all time high!

I am thankful for the months where the heater and the AC are both unnecessary!


kristin said...

i'm enjoying the "vacation" from election year mania...i only hear/read the highlights and that's plenty for me.

we also don't do daylight savings time over here- didn't even realize it was happening until i saw it on facebook.

we don't have a crockpot because of the whole voltage thing....

and- i'm also craving some spring sewing.

maybe you just should come to germany to take a vacation from your troubles and sew with me:)

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm over the election - I told B the other night that I'm sick of feeling like we're being told to vote for the lesser of two evils - and I'm not sure who that would be at this point!

Teriney said...

Talk to me sometime about the Kony 2012. I watched the video it was touching and then I went and looked deeper into it. I decided not to repost based on the info. With that said I truely admire the guy who started the Kony2012. I appreciate his love and willingness to fight for those less fortunate. He spoke to 26 year old college self who wanted nothing more than free loving world with no hate or violence.