Friday, March 23, 2012

welcome, Eden!

 Well, this photo is officially way out of date! A whopping three months out! :)

Our spring break week started off with a bang! We found out last Thursday that my sister in law was going to have her long-awaited c-section on Sunday! We were so excited, they were very anxious and nervous.

Sunday was a big day, I spoke in church and was in charge of sharing time for primary, PLUS the A/C was out at church and it was 85 degrees outside. It made for a very swampy and stressful Sunday! I had hoped I would have something to announce in my talk, but alas, the delivery was delayed by two emergencies.

We got out of church at 3 just in time to hear the big news! 
Eden Joy and Gabriel Martin were here!

She's just a little cashew but she's sooooo pretty!
W and I were lucky enough to take the boys to the hospital to meet their new sister. Lots of tears were shed by all as we mourned the loss of Gabriel. My sweet oldest nephew is so sensitive to these things and didn't quite understand everything.  

Grief is a funny thing. It hits you at the strangest times. I'll be driving along and suddenly crying.  I just hope that Eden brings some peace and joy to their home!

I took this picture right before we took the boys home. I love how it so aptly portrays the boys' reaction to their new sister. My oldest sensitive nephew, my aloof nephew and my giddy nephew! :)
This little girl is almost three pounds smaller than my smallest baby at birth-it's so fun holding a tiny one and I can't wait to come up with an excuse to visit her again! :)

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Emily said...

What a sweet sweet girl. Your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers as you welcome Eden and grieve the loss of Gabriel. Love you!