Sunday, October 7, 2012

a little bit of photos!

dinner with family at Larry's & Bob's Pizza
 the girls had a birthday party at a gymnastics place.  Lu loved the trampolines.  and that's it. so she would wait til it was free and keep getting on while all the other kids did all the other activities. :) silly girl!
 Miss M lost her 5th tooth! she officially has a jack-o-lantern grin just in time for Halloween!
 We decorated to make our house "halloween-y"
 General Conference Sunday breakfast! We are having the most lovely fall weather this weekend!

 And look what came in the mail!!!!!
So proud of my hubby and all THREE LONG YEARS of hard work with almost all straight A's, to boot!


Justin leon said...

you have described it very beautifully. i must appreciate the work done by you on kids birthday party Boca Raton . Celebrations must begin at these moments.

Musings from Minnesota said...

Great photos and a special congratulations to Will for his great accomplishment.