Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Labor Day in Denver: the finale!

I finally got the pictures off Mom's computer to share the rest of our Denver trip. (sorry if any are repeats)
First, we are so thankful that our family opened their homes and schedules for us and were thrilled that we just up and decided to visit.  
They always make us feel so welcome and we always pick right up from the last trip, even if it's been three years, right where we left off. 

After our weekend of mountains, lakes, and moose, we headed back to Denver to relax, sightsee, visit and relax.  This trip was EXACTLY what my husband needed.  He even read a book! He hardly cracked the GEICO computer.  These are big milestones!!

Our first day in town, we spent shopping!  We visited IKEA and we picked up lots of odds and ends and enjoyed a cheap, yummy lunch!

We then spent some time at a HUGE mall nearby and catered to our girls.  They got to each pick an outfit for the american girl dolls they have at home.  They were in heaven just looking around!
We relaxed at the mall.  Read, sat back, and enjoyed our free time!

I'm not gonna lie.  Usually I hate shopping with W.  He sighs a lot, he gives lots of "looks" that make me feel guilty about any money spent, and it usually does not end well. He was a dream this trip. He was all about being on vacation and enjoying our time with our girls.
In the afternoons, cousins Bev, Lola and baby Stella came over to play.
It was a treat to see all these girls play so well!  Bev and Lola are each nine months older than my girls so it was perfect! Bev and Miss M played outside and did makeup.
Lola LOVED giving Lulu makeovers with hair things.

At dinner that night, Lu and Lola discussed how they could be best friends even though they just met. melt my heart!
We also got new Disney nightgowns on our shopping spree.  We always seem to need more jammies for some reason!

The next night, Aunt Sue made us Arabic food for dinner. It was fabulous! So tasty and so beautiful!
Aunt Cal, Thomas, Em, baby Nell and Kate.  So thankful that family made time to see us and visit!

They even showered Lu and I with early and late birthday presents. Lulu LOVES books and they were spot on with books that she is still enjoying at home weeks later!
The five beautiful cousins!
That are a little weird too :)

We already miss these guys.  And I'm wondering how Aunt Sue and Mae escaped any pictures.  I'll do better next time!!!  Because we will sooooo be going back!  It was a delightful trip!


Emily said...

Lol, I'm wishing I'd escaped that picture. Look alive, Em!

Miss you guys!

Liz said...

lol! i wasn't very good at getting pics of the adults! sorry!

Grace said...

so cute!! and w's hairdo looks awesome!!! I really like it!!