Friday, October 19, 2012

six weeks and counting!!!!

We will be leaving for Florida in six weeks!!!

When we get to four weeks, we will start our official countdown with a red and black chain countdown.  The girls love visual things like this!

We have lots of projects underway in preparation!!
Miss M has outgrown so many of our costumes that we will be making some new duds for princess wear for the girls!
We are making matching mickey and minnie mouse t-shirts for the whole crew!  (Grace, we need to figure out how to make yours!!)
We are making jammie pants for all the kiddos in cute mickey and pooh bear flannels.
I've been stockpiling dollar trinkets, pens, stickers, treats with princess and fairy and disney stuff for special prizes on the way and at the park.  I plan to leave treats in our room like fairies visited our room! I love it!!

Here are my debates.

To stroll or not to stroll? Should Lu be able to walk? Of course! But is she going to get ridiculously tired? Of course!! I'm thinking of looking for a larger umbrella stroller where we can store gear and have a resting spot for our babes when they tire out.  Because they will and I don't wanna carry them! :)

To buy a stroller or not to buy?  We have a standard crappy WalMart umbrella stroller.  It's too short for even us average height peeps.  It hurts my back when I push it because I have to lean over.  Our double stroller is just too much for our needs. We just need room for one.  And so we kind of need a new, taller stroller but the recommended online Maclaren is $300. Um, no!  So I'll be looking for a taller, affordable stroller!

To Hogsmeade or only to Magic Kingdom? It breaks my heart to come this close to Harry Potter World and not partake, but it's an expensive day to add on, the girls are still a bit young to fully appreciate it, and W was just not passionate about it like I was.  Which means that if we go, I'm responsible for all of us having $400 worth of fun.  So, alas, I think we'll be saving it for the future.  When the kids can appreciate it more.

We are so stinkin' excited!!!! The next six weeks are going to fly, I think!!


Emily said...

I think you should look for a sit n stand on Craigslist. Technically, you could let both girls ride if necessary, but the storage the stand portion would give you would be great. If you do want to buy new, people rave about the Contours strollers for their storage- have no idea what the pricing is though.

Jen said...

Both girls NEED strollers! I cannot state that enough. We are DisneyWorld regulars. There is SO much walking. Happy girls do not equal tired girls. I broke down and bought two single MaClaren strollers about 4 years ago. BEST DECISION ever. We use the heck out of them, they are the proper height, they are the perfect size for transport, they are super easy to maneuver... if you are not willing to buy them, find something like them. Trust me about the stroller need.

One more thing. On our trip last year, I gave the girls each a budget for shopping. Shopping is a fun and tempting part of Disney. We were there for a week, so they each had $100 (you choose what makes you comfortable). They could spend their money on ANYTHING they wanted (clothes, books, jewelry, toys, extra treats, stuffies). When the money was gone, there was no more buying of anything. Every night we would check their totals, so they knew what they had to spend. It was one of Olive's favorite parts of the trip.]

Laura said...

Magic Kingdom is very kid friendly! We spent half a day there because it was so kid oriented. HP World is amazing...Universal studios has mostly adult rides, very few kid rides. I am dying to go back! Leave the kids and I'll go with you and the adults and nerd out!

Amy said...

I'm so excited for you to go! Maybe someone has a stroller you can borrow for the week instead of buying one. Even though the girls are older, I still think they will need a break every once and a while.

Grace said...

hmmm... I'm interested in seeing what this will look like...the first image I got in my head was not flattering... :) I might be able to send mom and dad with t-shirts...

Barb said...

Check out the cost of stroller rentals- then you don't have to buy or haul one.