Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Furs Day!

There aren't many things cuter than when your two year old can wish her Dad a Happy Father's Day or "furs day"! :) She knows it's important and special and loves bringing her Dad special gifts and wishing it to him over and over! So cute!

I love the relationship M has with her Dad. Reading books is THEIR thing. I love it! I love love love to read and I love that she loves to read as well but I love that they read together even more! I hope he does that with the next little girl too. She runs to read with him and sit with him and ask for more books. They have done this since she was a newborn. (This is where once again, i'm wishing i had my pictures-just visualize a rocking chair with cute M and her Dad reading)

When he gets home from work, she runs to hug and greet him. I love this too. She's so excited to be with him that she just goes nuts over taking the trash out and getting the mail with him. She just looks at me and says "I be right back. I going Daddy mail."

Saturday was one of my work days. She was still sleeping when I left. I guess when she woke up, she asked where I was and as soon as he told her I was at work, she said, "okay. play football?" (She means PS2 football and sports-she loves to hold her controller and "play" with Dad while I'm working) He had to convince her to eat breakfast first though! :) She has always loved to watch video games with her Dad. they don't even do it that much but she would sit next to him and raise her arms and call "touchdown"! She doesn't mind that our Father's Day is filled with the US Open, we just continue to try to convince her that no, it's not football or baseball (Dad's other faves) it's golf. And when they replayed a great shot of Tiger's, she raised her arms and yelled "touchdown!"

I love my husband for the father he is and wants to be. His Dad is a great man but not hands on or mushy. My husband made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to be involved. He wanted hugs and kisses, he wanted to help out and he does and is all that and more. I love him so much for it.

I love my own Dad for the wonderful example he has been to our family. I have always worked hard to make sure he'll keep telling me he's proud of us. He has been a wonderful example of the priesthood for my husband.

Happy Father's Day everyone!


Grandma Jan said...

I have that rocking chair photo of W reading to M on my PC desktop still. It is such a cute picture. Thanks for continuing to post even though you can't add photos yet. Anxious to see new pictures when everything is working again.
G Jan

Halley said...

Hey Elizabeth!!! How are you! Your blog is absolutely darling! Super creative, I LOVE it!! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I am new to the "blog family" and wanted to check yours out. I should be visiting quite frequently! :)