Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Weekend in Numbers

number of my immediate family who drove across the country: 4
immediate family who couldn't come: :( 7
great grandchildren running around: 7
grandchildren in attendance: 18 (that's out of 22, it was cool to have so many of us able to be there)
number of handkerchiefs my Mom brought to the funeral: 3 :)
nieces and nephews (my Dad's cousins) who consider my Grandparents their second parents: 6 (That was amazing to hear their tributes and to see them come from so far to honor Grandpa and all he did for them growing up and beyond)
pieces of ham M ate at the luncheon: 2, and these were BIG pieces! :)
german chocolate cake that our family, well hoarded: 5 (I'm not sure any other tables got some because we took it all it was so good! :)
number of times we crossed the Virgin River to bury Grandpa: 10
price of our hotel room in Mesquite: $24

I could get really cheesy and say something like "memories: priceless" but it really is true. It was a wonderful and busy and exhausting and HOT and fulfilling weekend. Even though I was hot and tired and feeling very pregnant in the heat and near the end didn't much care to look at another statue in the 110 degree heat, I was so glad to be surrounded by family, to have my Grandma surrounded by all of us hopefully supporting her, and be a part of this celebration.


Halley said...

Hey Liz. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Loosing our sweet family is absolutely devastating. I am happy to hear that it was a beautiful service and so many people who loved him showed up in support for your grandmother. It is amazing to see how many lives people touch when they pass on. I hope that you are feeling the comfort and support that is needed. We should really get together sometime this summer and have some lunch or something since we're both in Utah. Take care sweets and let me know how you are doing. LOVES!!

Grandma Jan said...

Great to hear news of your busy weekend. 110 degress - that sounds quite warm! We don't see that very often in Minnesota.
Looking forward to seeing you in Denver soon.
Love, G Jan

Admiral Joe said...

selling decapitated pigeon to a blind kid just before you leave town...priceless.