Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I Ever Really Need to Know...

The other morning, on my way to work, they were talking on the radio about getting together with family during the holidays. That's the best part of the holidays for me. One DJ was excited because her Dad was going to teach her son to play chess.

I remember learning to play chess from my Dad and thinking I was never going to remember how each piece moved. Then I got to thinking of the other lessons I've learned.

I learned to cross-stitch from my mother.

I learned to crochet from my baby sister.

I learned to quilt from my grandma Betty.

I learned to collect stuff from my grandma Manwaring!

I learned to ride a bike from my brothers.

I learned to swim from my mom's best friend, Sarah.

I learned to kiss from my husband... and Drew Barrymore.

I learned to cheat at cards from my Grandma Manwaring.

I learned that you can make anything out of wood with Grandpa Manwaring.

I learned to play raquetball (not very good though) from my Dad.

I learned to make skirts from blogging.

I learned to tie quilts from my church Young Women's leaders.

I learned to write in the ICU...well, that's not true, but it's what my AP English teacher said must have happened!

I learned to sing from my mom.

I learned goofy songs from my Dad.

I learned to love bears from my third grade teacher, Miss Johnson.

I learned to love to read from my second grade teacher, Miss Toohey.

I learned to swaddle a baby from my mom.

I learned to read my scriptures regularly from my room mate Jenny.

I learned to type from my Dad.

I learned to memorize scriptures from my Dad.

I learned to properly wield a glue gun from my mom.

I learned to love hospitals from my Dad.

I learned to WIN scrabble from my husband.

I learned to swear in Filipino...or was it Indonesian? from my room mate Michelle.

I learned to be a mom from my mom and from my girls.


Allyson said...

Love the list, especially the second to last one! I still throw out those words every once in a while. (:

Grandma Jan said...

You have learned a lot.