Wednesday, December 15, 2010

holiday snippets from the iphone

We're starting with an oldie.

We saw Tangled in 3D when Grace and Jason were in town for Thanksgiving.
I am in love with strong female Disney princesses!
This is M's first "nativity" drawing. I love it. I love the star, Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, and the stable, complete with ladder.
This is the cleanest you'll ever see my house. I rearranged it to make room for a Christmas tree and book club. It's not going back. I love having the big living room! Of course, next to the white chair is now a tree and where I'm standing taking the photograph is now my messy kitchen table, covered in fabric and sewing machines!
I took this picture at a (private Christian) school where I see a kid for therapy. It intrigues me. Only in the south!
Other than that, I'm making presents, mailing presents, and trying to stop coughing and sniffling!!!


Emily said...

I love posts like this! And I love your house - I think that's the first pic I've seen! What's the status on making your own slipcover - did you nix that plan? Love you guys!!

Grandma Jan said...

Love M's photo. She did a great job. I also think the living room looks great. What we do for company? I have to invite someone over so I can get Bill to vacuum. Have a great week.