Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hit Parade

I love being a mom at Christmas!

It is delightful to watch your kids dreams come true! I don't want to make a laundry list of the many treasures that my babies received- all of their presents were well-loved and they were obviously well loved by everyone to be so blessed. But a few hit the nail on the head with these girls!

Pillow Pets Buzzy and Lavender (renamed Lola) came to live at our house

Lu has been absolutely inseparable from Jessie

oh, and Woody!

...nuff said

A soft plush Tangled doll for M and Tinkerbell for Lu accompanied new Christmas Eve jammies and are now permanent fixtures at bedtime

And yes, M got her Tiana and Tangled barbies that she has been talking about FOREVER!!!

My sweet hubby surprised me with EXACTLY what I was looking for! A pot that is bigger than our sauce pans but smaller than our stock pot. I've never been so excited to make soup!!!

But our most favorite gift will hopefully make its debut soon. Once we finish picking it out, that is!


Katie said...

You had me going thinking you were Prego, but then when you said once you finish picking it, that changed. So hum, you've got me wondering? A sofa? a new house? hum...
Glad you had a wonderful day! Merry Christmas and we miss you!

Grandma Jan said...

We are anxious to see the new addition to your home.