Friday, December 17, 2010

more holiday iphone snippets

So I downloaded Hipstamatic for my iphone when it was on sale last weekend. However, it's the holiday version so everything is GREEN! The jury's still out on this one-I just adored the previous pic of Lu ala babysitter's Hipstamatic.
This is December's PreK homework. M picked out the hair, paper, and buttons. But let's face it, this was definitely a parental hands on project!
Last weeks' Christmas party. M's big question was how they allowed Santa to leave the mall to come to our church party!
Luckily, she also asked for the same thing that she's mentioned to me all along. Phew!
ps-No, Lu wanted nothing to do with Santa beyond staring at him from afar!

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Grace said...

and I like the green. what other kinds are there?